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Jennifer C. de Franco, RN, IBCLC

Serving Prince William Co

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Serving Fauquier & Warren Counties

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Insurance Now Accepted!

We processed 147 insurance claims in the year 2012, 11 claims were denied due to client"not meeting deductible" or covered with global maternity plan.  Out-of-pocket cost for each denied claim did not exceed $150(2 hr home consult) or $115(2 hr office consult).

Anthem Healthkeepers Plus
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Virginia Medicaid
PHCS/PHCS Savility
United Helathcare(PPO/HMO)

PLS does not accept Carefirst(HMO), (even Carefirst(PPO) may or may not cover), Medicare, and Tricare(Prime) at this time.10/12

If we do not accept your insurance we still provide all of the neccesary documentation for you to submit a claim to your own insurance company.

Also Breastfeeding Supplies(if purchased) are NOT reimbursed by insurance and payment is expected at consult.

Please Complete the Following Forms Prior to Home/Office Consult:

MMWHC New Patient Registration Form 

PLS Breastfeeding Questionaire

 24 Hour Feeding Log (if possible)

Postpartum/Milk Production Evaluation Form (recommended for Mother's with Low Milk Supply)

Clients can be evaluated by the Manassas Midwifery and Women's Health Center if prescriptions for Low Milk Production, Infectious Mastitis, Nipple Thrush, Ductal Yeast Infection, Vasospasm/Reynaud's Phenomenon, Cracked/Non-healing Nipples are needed.  Midwives Sheila Mathis, CNM, Kathleen McClelland, CNM, and Gillie Kehoe, CNM are committed to bring every mother the support and knowledge necessary to achieve her breastfeeding goals through PLS Lactation Consultants' expertise and passion for breastfeeding success.