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Supple Cups & Private Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

Supple Cups

Fee:  Private In-Home Supple Cup Fitting  

$45 Travel Charge + $35 Supplies*


*Supplies include Supple Cup(pair) + Breast Shells(pair), if single Supple Cup or Breast Shells not required, price will be adjusted accordingly

Supple Cups Aids in correcting flat and inverted nipples for proper breastfeeding

One of nature’s gifts is being able to breastfeed your baby, but for some mothers this is not always possible. Supple Cups help a baby latch-on by gently stretching the nipple. For many mothers this is a new and permanent solution for flat and inverted nipples. Supple Cups can reduce breastfeeding problems for many mothers. Your baby gets a deeper latch and has fewer problems latching on. Supple Cups will aid in correcting inverted nipples, and can also reduce edema and engorgement when a normal nipple is flattened. Supple Cups can be worn starting at 37 Weeks prenatally so as to give your nipples the time they need to slowly and gently stretch prior to the birth of your baby.  They work by creating a gentle vacuum from within, pulling the nipple into the Supple Cup. We call it The Supple Way.


         Supple Cups          +       Breast Shells        =  Easier Latch(Priceless)

Supple Cup Fitting Includes: 

  • Breast/Nipple exam
  • Supple Cups fitting, Supple Cups come in 5 sizes: $20
  • Medela Breast Shells for concealment: $15
  • Sample pack of Lanolin for Supple Cups

See Supplies for Mail Order

90 Minute Private Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

Fee:  $135, supplies not included.

A Class Consists of:

  • Breast/Nipple Exam
  • Supple Cup Fitting(if needed)
  • Health and Previous Breastfeeding Experience History
  • How to Prevent Low Milk Supply
  • How to Survive the Hospital Stay
  • Breast Milk Production Normals
  • What to Expect
  • Review of all Positions:  Cradle, Cross-cradle, Football, Side-ly, and Reclined(with doll)
  • Pumping and Going Back to Work
  • How to use a bottle
  • Answer to all of your questions

Done in the comfort of your home, on your furniture, with your pillows.  We want to mirror what its like as much as possible having you actually hold your breast and explaining infant behavior and what to expect.  Moms LOVE It!  Let's be honest, what can you learn in a room with 10 other couples?  You and your babe are individuals and your breastfeeding class should be tailored to your needs and questions as well.