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Supplies - Please note, PLS does not ship outside of the United States. 

We carry with us to all consults a variety of tools to help establish successful breastfeeding.  All of the supplies below can be shipped to your home except for Medela BabyWeigh Scale I

Supple Cups

Supple cups are a new product to the market and are most useful prenatally to correct flat/inverted nipples. The small suction cups can be worn for hours at a time starting at 37 weeks and gently draws nipples out to promote easier latching when infant arrives.  Lanolin ointment is recommended to keep supple cups attached better as well as keep skin moist while nipple is being stretched.  Some mothers couple this with Breast Shells so they can wear the supple cups for longer stretches(up to 8 hours/day) and in public.  Caution: The Supple Cups can cause uterine contractions and should be discontinued if labor is initiated prematurely. There are four sizes:

Size #1(5% of women are this size) 7/16inch(11mm)

Size #2(15%) 1/2 inch(12.5mm)

Size #3(60%) 9/16inch(14.5mm)

Size #4(10%) 5/8inch(16.5mm)

Size #5(5%) 3/4inch(20mm) *NEW*






PLS now provides baby weigh scales for moms to rent weekly or monthly in order to determine milk transfer and weight gain.  The Medela scale is accurate (+/- 1 gram).  So if babe nurses for 10 minutes and the scale states infant transferred 92ml, then you can be confident the babe took 91-93ml.  This tool is great for poor weight gain babes, preemies, and low milk supply moms.  The scale must be picked up and dropped off from Jennifer de Franco's, RN, IBCLC (PLS, owner) home where a demonstration will be given.  4475 Corral Rd. Warrenton, VA 20187 

Call 703-822-1690 for more information and availability

Price: $45.00/week or $90.00/month

Nipple Shield by Mamivac Conical 18mm-22mm-28mm 

Breast shields are silicone nipples that are placed over the maternal nipple to make it easier for the infant to latch.  We caution that this is a "tool" and an infant can become dependent on it as well as the mothers' milk supply can decrease due to poor milk transfer, but that being said for mothers with true inverted nipples or infants with oral abnormalities it might be the only way to facilitate breastfeeding until time is given to correct the essential problem. Pumping and bi-weekly infant weights or daily diaper weights will need to assessed to confirm good milk transfer.  Nipple Shields come in 3 sizes by Mamivac(conical) 18mm(small-nipple size of dime), 22mm(medium-nipple size of nickel), and 28mm(large-nipple larger than a quarter).




Aqualflo Wound Care Gel Pads 3"

Do not use if you have yeast infection on nipples/breast, see Softshells by Medela below.

Aquaflos or Aquagels(as they are sometimes called) are used to heal nipples faster from nipple damage (cracked/bleeding).  It is a medical-grade wound care gel discs that are 3" in diameter and can last up to a week if cared for appropriately(no soap, only water to clean and store in packaging while infant is nursing).  Mothers will feel a cool, soothing sensation immediately and with proper latching or pumping for 48 hours will see significant healing. 




Breast Shells by Medela

Breast shells are for flat/short nipples caused by excessive IV fluids or PIH/eclampsia.  If a mothers' hands/feet are swollen, her breasts are as well which can make normal, everted nipples "disappear" and flatten.  Nipples can also "disappear" when natural engorgement occurs between day 3-5.  These shells are placed inside the bra and gently pushes the excessive fluid back away from nipple allowing easier latching of infant.  Moms should wear breast shells 24/7 except when she is taking a shower.  We usually recommend usage the first 5-7days and then take one off to see if nipple stays erect and infant is able to latch.  If successful then the other shell can come off.




Feeding Tube(5fr/8fr)

Feeding tubes are basically long flexible straws that are used to supplement infants at the breast with formula or breast milk if poor milk transfer is noted.  Sometimes an infant just needs more time and nutrition in order to grow into a more vigorous and effective suck.  We strongly believe the only way an infant will learn how to breastfeed is by breastfeeding and a little "straw" inserted at the corner of the infants' mouth can provide the positive reinforcement needed that "milk comes from breast, just latch".  Each feeding tube is good for 24 hours or 1 week if sterilized daily and comes in two different sizes:

8fr. are used for infant-controlled(large/vigorous infant/low milk supply) flow of feeds.

5fr. can be used with 30cc syringe for parent-controlled(premature, hypotonic, tongue-tie, bottle dependent) flow of feeds.

5fr. can also be used for infant-controlled(infants less then 10lbs) flow of feeds.





Syringe-10cc or 30cc

Syringes are used to give precise, controlled amounts of formula/breast milk through the feeding tube "straw".  It is important that an infant does not get used to free-flowing milk, as they will expect that when the feeding tube is removed. 30cc = 1 oz.  We use 30cc because it is small enough to fit in standard bottle mouths and we like to couple it with the 5fr feeding tube since this is easier to insert in infants' mouth for parents during mommy-led SNS feeding.  We also offer 10cc syringes for baby-led nursing, so baby is strong enough to suck the milk while nursing at the breast.  The 10cc syringe is strictly for priming the tubing and/or cleaning the feeding tube.  The syringes can be sterilized as desired.