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  • Fauquier/Warren Co.
  • 540-270-8230

Sharon Gough IBCLC

  • Bristow
  • Manassas
  • Woodbridge
  • West. PWC
  • 703-927-4406

 Laura McCarthy RN, IBCLC

  • Loudoun Co
  • Fairfax Co.
  • 571-722-6450 

  Jennifer deFranco,  RN, IBCLC, Owner PLS

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Testimonials & Satisfied Customers!


Home Lactation Consult

"Jennifer was very informative and eager to show me different things to help me nurse my daughter.  It was such a breath of fresh air.  She was eager to answer any questions I had and willing to show me several different nursing positions to help me while nursing."          

Katie & Little Marsha




Hospital & Home Lactation Consult

I needed help breastfeeding right from the start!  Jennifer came to my aide during my hospital stay and I remember saying to her "you should write a book!"  No one talks about how difficult breastfeeding can be and I experienced first hand the challenges that it can present.  Jennifer came right along side of me and made it her personal goal to help me succeed.  I was so impressed with Jennifer's determination to find a solution for my pain that I was experiencing during breastfeeding.  She even suggested reasons for the pain that my doctors had not even thought of!  I highly recommend Jennifer and know she will give others the knowledge and care that she gave to me and my son.  

Caroline & Little Hudson

Gainesville, VA



Phone Consult

"I have nursed my first 3 kids for the last 6 years and experienced many nursing problems and many lactation consultants.  So, when I had new problems with my 4th child I called a new lactation consultant and could not be happier with my choice.  I described my pain to Jennifer over the phone and she knew what the problem was immediately.  Her knowledge,
patience and encouragement helped me get through my difficult 8 week journey to pain free nursing.  Even though we've never met I looked forward to telling her of my successes and cherished her support through the bumps.  I can never thank her enough."

Erin H.

Montclair, VA


Home Visit

I cannot begin to say enough about how much Jennifer has helped us in our journey to nursing. My son would only latch after quite a bit of frustration and crying during his first two weeks of life, then not at all. Jennifer very patiently tried every trick in the book and always had suggestions for things I could be doing to help my son accept the breast. After a little time had passed she'd come back out and try something a little different. Because of her continued support and encouragement I was able to stick with it long enough for my son to finally accept the breast and begin nursing at 2 months old. I never would have lasted so long with the pumping without her!

Amy & Little Matthew


Hospital Nursery Nurse/Lactation Consultant

Hi Jennifer, I just wanted to say you were an awesome nurse!  You probably don't remember me since you have so many patients but you taught me how to do the side laying hold which was a life saver for us.  My daughter wouldn't nurse at all and was pretty much 100% on bottles until she was 10 weeks and I was finally able to get her completley on the breast.  But at the beginning of those 10 weeks she would ONLY nurse in the side laying hold, never with me sitting up, so I am eternally grateful to you for teaching me how to nurse like that, because if it weren't for that one little glimmer of hope that we could nurse, I probably would have stopped trying completely.  So THANK YOU so much!!  My daughter is 6 months old today and has just about 100% on the breast since 10 weeks old.  She's only been bottlefed a few bottles...

Stephanie & Little Samantha

Manassas, VA

Phone Consult

Jennifer helped me through a very trying time in my life. I was faced with the decision to stop breastfeeding after extreme anxiety caused me to be forced to take action in the form of medication. Afraid of losing my job and also afraid of harming my baby I called another laction consultant who recommended me to her. Immediately she eased my fears and told me stories of her own battles with breastfeeding and anxiety. With her help and knowledge I did not have to stop breastfeeding and was able to find the right medication to assist with my problem. Jennifer stressed that getting to the root of the problem was essential to solving the problem, which exemplifies her true concern for the well-being of her moms and babies. Without her I would not have been equipped with the knowledge necessary to continue a healthy breastfeeding relationship with my daughter. I will forever be grateful for her help.

Mommy Larissa

Home Consult

At first I thought breastfeeding would be a breeze. I thought my son would latch, milk would come in, and within a week or so we would have a routine down. Unfortunately my son was tongue tied, and didn't latch. The hospital I was in immediately started pushing to supplement with formula and I wasn't aware of the other options available to me. About ten days after my son was born, I had an in home visit with Jennifer, and within the first five minutes my knowledge of what why my son wasn't latching and what I could do to help my milk supply come in doubled. Two months later I'm still only producing six ounces a day if I'm lucky, and I nurse my son once when he first wakes up, and again before bedtime so that we still have that physical bonding experience, and I pump in between. It's not the breastfeeding experience I had hoped for, but without Jennifer's help and encouragement I would have stopped breastfeeding after the third week. The weekly emails to check in on me were brief, but so helpful. I knew that she had me and my son's interest at heart. From day one Jennifer said she would be in my corner rooting for me to continue even though it was difficult, and she did.  I am so happy I made that phone call. It was one of the best things I could have done for my son.

Mommy Robin

3 Day Old - Home Visit

Jennifer was absolutely a life saver when it came to figuring out how to get our baby to latch on properly and the signs to see she was really taking in the milk! My little one dropped weight and luckily I had Jennifer to the rescue and we were able to bring it back up especially when that first week can be so overwhelming! She was easy to get a hold of and was very responsive and provided great advice and instruction. She is very pleasant to work with and look forward to continuing to contact her once I'm preparing to go to work or with any issues that come up! Thanks Jennifer!!

Mommy Leslie